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Hair Cut & Color Service in Phoenix | Vivaldi Salon Suites

Hair Coloring and cutting are performed by the Masters at Vivaldi Salon Suites! Our Stylist have from 5 to 37 years experience. We attract the elite in the beauty field therefore we know you will find your dream stylist here. Each stylist has her or his unique hair salon to show off their personal style. Our highly trained stylist will keep you up to date on the latest products and trends. Whether you are blonde, brunette or something in between we have the stylist for you. Just looking to keep your mane healthy and shiny, well we are here for you. We specialize in healthy hair, that’s where all our experience comes into play. With our vast number of stylist, come find the one just for you. We provide Redkin, Milk Shake, Paul Mitchell, Rusk, Aveda, Kendra,Schwarzkopf, Pravana just to name a few!

About Vivaldi Salon Suites

Vivaldi Salon Suites are located in the Phoenix area catering to beauty salon professionals looking to start their own business in an upscale salon setting! Our environment is the pinnacle of combining a fabulous decor with salon services, while showcasing the ultimate salon culture in Arizona.

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